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Hi there
I really enjoy this game so far, there is only one thing that I want I don't like:

Since when we met, Laezel keeps telling me how important it is to find her friends which are the only ones who can help us getting rid of the tadpole. So I did my best, try to ignore all the other weird stuff going on and head on to the place where the Githyanki patrol was.
I thought that since I got one of them with me, they should have some trust in me and at least do not try to kill me immediately. However, I was wrong. Suddenly about 5 heavy armed Githyanki warriors attacked me, all level 5. There was no chance in the fight, it was a massacre (my party was level 3, me (Ranger), Laezel, Shadowheart and Gale. So I reloaded and tried other dialog options, but all of them lead to the green skinned guys attacking me and a total party kill.

This is no fun. There were absolutly no signs that this will happen, and that those guys are so strong. Of course the fight IS somehow winnable, either you have A LOT of luck or you use some cheese mechanics, but it kill immersion and I always feel bad when I start cheesing.
I had to load an earlier save and start to go to the Goblin camp, which I didn't want to and does not fit the personality of my character (he's a bounty hunter who always searches for the easiest, fastest solution of things, and due to laezel who seems trustworthy the Githyanki way is the best to get rid of the brain worms).

Stuff like this forces me to play the game not like I want, but like the game wants to be played.

I hope this will change after EA. Just give some more hints that those Gith will not be that nice as expected and rescuing the druid may even be the easier way to go.

Ahem... did you notice that Lae'zel is actually an evil zealot and when she talks about "purification" everyone feels unconfortable? She also knows less than she think she does and assumes things that are not actually true. As for your "problem", in RPGs some areas/encounters are more difficult than others and you should not expect to be able to win every fight because you just want to do so. The fight with the Gityanki is quite challenging if you try to take them when you are level 2 (not impossible if you know how to place yourself and how to use explosives). It becomes quite easy when you get to level 4.

Suggesting the game should scale down difficulty of encounters based on what you want to do, so you have an easy time suceeding (because that's fun in your opinion) is just not what this game needs imo.

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