There are more than a few difficult fights with enemies near impossible to take on. The gityanki is one example, the green hag, I haven't gotten too far into the Underdark because the enemies seem beyond me. I don't have the armor, weapons, abilities or scores to match them. They are able to wipe me out in a round or two killing my characters with one attack. It is not about getting good. I can beat some with exploits and lucky rolls. It's not fun. Especially since my level is capped at four, I can't change my party without going to camp, many of the magical weapons are cursed, magical armor is rare. When trying to fight the Green Hag, for example. I attempted to position my party in ways that they were hidden and spread out and then the battle wouldn't spawn, she disappeared, so I had to group them all together and I couldn't use stealth. Using stealth is weird as players will not immediately enter combat and when they do they are thrown into an initiative order I can not figure out which offtimes means their turn is skipped. Surprise doesn't seem to work as even when I accomplish it I get screwed in that one character gets to act and the rest are left out and sometimes ignored for up to two rounds even when in the initiative order.