I can understand where people are not totally happy with the way things are working right now. I do know that Larian has said one purpose for this EA is for them to learn to tweak the game to make sure it is the level of challenge they want but not too harsh. Thus they have maps showing where people die, what they die from, etc. Using that data (with some feedback), they will slowly tweak the game to be where they want.

Now personally, I would prefer things to be closer to the handbooks than not. I would prefer to see a RANGE of hit points and armor classes among goblins. Some with lower AC, some higher. Some with 7 HP and some with Higher. I can even see why an area would have higher HP due to their ties to the Absolute. Perhaps the 'branding' is making them stronger. It does not do this for you because you are infected by a parasite already.

The way advantage is handed out may need some tweaking. High ground should not always get advantage (IMO), but if they want to rule that is their call as it is NOT addressed in the core books (IE the PHB or the DMG neither one says High Ground does/does not grant advantage, instead they leave granting advantage/disadvantage up to the DM). In playing this game we are not the DM but the player.