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This fight was hard.

People will come in here and tell you it was easy. That they did it at level 2 or 3 easily using barrels, explosives, preemptively positioning before the fight, abusing push or invisibility/fog cloud or darkness. Others will say they soloed it with one of the broken class/race/feat/item combos.

Again this fight was hard. And that's okay. EA will be encounters will be tuned, level cap for first area will most likely go to 5. I personally like that there are fights that are more difficult, that you have to come back to with a stronger team. Gives this game a larger feel, a sense of progression and accomplishment

During my first playthrough (Lvl 4 Dwarven Battlemaster Fighter/Lae'zel/Astarion/Shadowheart) i walked into the Gith without being rested and started talking to them then they attacked to great effect thanks to misty step (and double attacks). I quickly lost Lae'zel (critted) then Astarion and Shadowheart. They had managed to cut down a couple of Gith before falling but it wasn't enough. Meanwhile I had managed to position my character on higher ground and got rid of the Gith who had placed himself up there (a couple of attacks and and then shoving him down did the trick) the rest I cut down by throwing stuff at them (like the Illithid "gravity bombs" you get from the nautiloid, damage plus falling damage work great in this game) and then killing the last remaining one. My problem was I didn't have resurrection scrolls on me and I had to go buy them since you cannot rest when one of your characters is dead...

My second playthrough (Half elf Warlock 3/Lae'zel/gale/Shadowheart) I knew what to expect. I separated my characters and place them all on higher ground then I sent Lae'zel to talk with the Gith. The ensuing confrontation was a one sided slaughter in my favor...

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