You can't do any stealth there, as soon as you go into reach the dialog and afterwards the fight begins. If "git gud" means placing oil barrels and abusing fog cloud bugs then I won't "git gud" at all.
I don't expect to win every fight, but this fight is NOT winnable without cheesing or multiple reloads, so there should be at least either a hint that those giths are so strong (even if I would expect them to attack me, I wouldn't expect them all to be at level 5) or a way to avoid the fight.

I am no newbie in RPGs, I play DnD for a long time and if my DM would challange my level 3 party with such a fight he would just be.. a bad DM. A good DM would give you hints that if you go this way, you would most likely die.

I want to play this game "fair" and DnD-like, not DOS2-like by abusing all this stuff.

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