The surface stuff should be toned down IMO. I can live with it, I can say that it is their call as DM, etc. but I hope that it does not scale UP as we level up. I do enjoy the occasional trap with a few barrels to weaken my chosen targets, but it does get irritating that EVERY single goblin has AOE arrows and bombs.

It got to the point when the Minotaurs came, I kept waiting for "What kind of AOE crap are they going to throw?" I expected them to jump over us, pour alchemist fire down on us and land behind us with a aoe flame cone shooting out their butts.

As for the cantrips - I would prefer if they worked like the PHB, but with the extra surface stuff I understand why they scaled Firebolt back from D10 to d6. I would prefer D10 and no surface effects, but can set stuff off If I target it.