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I am familiar with the effects: they just don't seem to be causing as much of a stir as flame effects are. I see your point about the Acid, though.

I can talk about fire too, but it's important not to forget about other surfaces.

I once fought High Priestess Gut (36 HP) in her quarters and could not seem to hit her. It was whiff after whiff after whiff. One of those misses was a Firebolt. It missed her and ended up doing 12 damage from the surface effect. That was 1/3 of a boss's health depleted from a complete miss. On an creature who does not Jump to get out of a firebolt's surface, it ends up doing an average of 13.5 damage (5-22) from what is supposed to be a 1d10 (1-10) spell.

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Would it be reasonable to then have spells be stronger than they are in 5e to accommodate for the HP changes and permit cantrips to be stronger than you intended?

No, absolutely not, because of the domino effect. The changes they made have caused issues, which have caused other balance issues, so they change more things to accommodate that, and then more changes on top of changes, all to try and fix the problem they caused, which was making completely unnecessary changes to the rules. Trying to stubbornly bulldoze ahead and ignore the cause of the problem is going to mean a ton of unnecessary balance headache work as they continue to pretend that their vision for the new rules is not a complete mess.

Yet on the other hand you have reports of people saying missing is not fun and they can't hit anything......

Larian tried to fix the non-problem of "missing isn't fun", and they did not actually eliminate missing, but they did make hitting feel less fun because they didn't adjust the player's damage output to compensate for the increased enemy HP.