Sharp, I see that in the end we don't think in oposite directions.

I’ll throw those homebrews over the table:

Increased HP / Decreased AC
Advantage being given by high ground & backstab
Surfaces Effect

Two examples of higher HP than the monster manual could possibly allow? Well, the example was given.

I'm adult enough to accept some cases where the HP is higher than the MM HP. My whole point was a thesis to debate spell efficiency.

One of the rules that I brought was this bloat + Decrease AC - TOGETHER. How it does favour spell efficiency? A martial fighter would have an easier like with his reliable damage output per turn against a caster who struggle to dish damage because we rules remained unchanged. See the point?

Please, pay attention where I do say that those 3 homebrews INTERTWINE. Even if you dont aknowlege the bloat (which is fine), you do aknowlege the rest of them. They exist. They are real and they are affecting spell eficiency. Is it good? Well, that depends on your play style.

And here is the thing. Larian is the DM here, maybe, perhaps, they do not want this encounter to be won using the list of utility spells which you would prefer to have used. They are the one designing this setting, not you. Either way, whilst your complaints about rule changes for backstabs/height are perfectly valid, I am still waiting for someone to show me an example of a legitimately bloated creature, which does not have a very valid reason for having higher stats (for example, being a boss encounter).

Well, I agree 100% with you. ALL of this is Larian's Campaign. We're the customers. I'm not happy with the balance but WHO AM I? I'll manage to survive.

Hold down your anger, Sharp. Just breathe.

I'm here to debate and by your arguments on the first reply I somehow got more in accordance to their scrambled hp? Not so bad as I thought at first, maybe? Do we agree that maybe the HP matters less than the decreased AC in that encounters regarding spell efficency?
Do we agree that Bless spell is less effective in the current meta compared to DnD5e?
Do we agree that the action economy is playing a minor role compared to DnD5e?
Do we agree that some ppl bought the game because they were looking for DnD5e?

We can find accordance among discordance.

Can we for once look at ourselves as clients instead of beta testers hired by Larian? I'm not receiving any money to review the game and I hope you too...

Have you ever though about how would you like it to be? When you play a game do you feel that you are a customer instead of thinking that the company is making you a favor by releasing a game?

I'm just being a disapointed client. But again, who am I?