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My first playthrough I only rested 3 times throughout the entire thing and I missed all of the illithid dialogue stuff. Which is ok I guess, but I would prefer if the game had a proper time cycle and some of that stuff would trigger after a fixed amount of time had passed, rather than being entirely related on when you go to camp. You could then also add exhaustion status effects, for people who go to long without resting, to also encourage going to camp and resting as well.

Id love that as well. I noticed characters mention that they are tired sometimes so I assume some sort of 'tiem progression' effect beeing added at some time. BG1 and 2 also had a day and night cycle. And with the amount of effort that they added to light and visibility beeing in the game a lack of night times would be a real shame imo.

It also opens up tactics for the players that they normally wouldnt have. Raiding the goblin camp at night for example would be alot easier if you want to do the sneaky approach. I did it in the daytime and by the gods is it tedious and a pain in the backside!

Also, some *cough* activities in Baldurs Gate should probably be limited or at least somewhat limited to night time activities in the final game. Chance to be attacked by muggers/bandits should raise when traveling at night and finding certain vendors (like thief guilds for example) could also be tied to night time. A complete lack of it in the final game would be a very big shame!