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Well Sharp, no one is complaining about weapon skills. In fact, I really liked them and they could be recharged every short rest instead of long rests.

Now, that we have a less attacking debate, can we at least agree that from the client perspective my post is reasonable?

Regarding PoE, GGG is the company in the world who most get out of clients feedbacks. But we’re talking about different game scenario, where the meta must be changed every single update for the sake of the diversity. It’s not a game “sold” based in known rules.
If Larian was 10% of what GGG is in terms of client orientation we would have a better game, I guess.

I think you would be surprised at what GGG would do, if they were the ones making BG 3. I have played PoE since its open beta and followed its news very actively, ever since then. Sure, they do listen to feedback, when they believe the feedback aligns with their vision of what they want the game to be. Here are some topics that the community has been vocally asking for, for years, which they are not only unmoved on, but they have outright said they will never change because it does not align with their vision of what they want the game to be.

• PoE does not have an auction house. Players want an auction house. The developers have said, they will never add an auction house. Here is the trade manifesto for example, which illustrates this.
• Players want items to be easier to pick up. They want loot vacuums to suck in items that are around them. This is another example of something which the developers consider a core pillar of Path of Exile and have said would never change.
• Just recently (as of Harvest League) there was a massive outcry about players wanting deterministic crafting. Deterministic crafting goes against the core pillar that powerful items are hard to obtain and as of such, it is not going to happen.

I could go on and on and on, but the point is, there are a number of topics where there is a very vocal part of the community that wants a change, where the developers have said, it will never happen. I suspect that if they were the ones making BG 3, the result may be very similar, if not the same. They may be more active when talking to the community and they may write very long manifestos explaining why they are not willing to budge on a particular topic, but do not for one moment believe that this means that they implement every change which is popular within the community.

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