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Give the priests a reason to cast something other than guiding bolt lol.

Exactly. Notice that they had to institute the homebrew rules to make up for the smaller party. With the lowered AC the need to cast bless and others buffs is reduced. Make one cleric front liner, another support Same goes for abjurer wizards -- so far the class is inferior to evoker but in a 6 party one wizard could blast and another protect.

More members means more banters and more tactical combat because there are strategies to used with two members of the same classes. And there just isn't a place for a bard in a 4 person party -- bards do lots of things but no one thing very well.

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I keeping hearing how 5e on the table top is balanced for 4, or 3-5 which the dmg calls "ideal."

And yet the modules say 4-5 or 4-6 and critical role runs with 6 or more. And I also think we need to keep marketing in mind, this ideal number is designed to say "look you don't need to convince everyone and their dog to join your game you can do with a few friends".

And I'll say it again, it's not just D&D it's Baldurs Gate which has always had a party of 6.