If you beeline to the patrol, you may not be level 4 yet, or have collected enough +1 weapons and other trinkets to handle it. Given the location on the map, it's intended to be a late encounter in Act 1.

Personally, I like games that have very hard encounters that I stumble into, and have to come back later to deal with. In DOS2, I remember the group of scarecrows in a field that looked harmless, and suddenly wiped our party when they came alive. We hadn't leveled up enough, and my wife and I in co-op were still getting used to the combat systems. So we just came back later when we could handle it.

Finally, I don't think the game is perfectly balanced yet, and Larian may eventually tweak this difficulty. Especially if Act 2 locks out a return to Act 1 to finish up things like this.

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