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When you can long rest in the middle of the goblin stronghold while in the process of genociding them, is a sign of the current resting mechanics just being temporary.

I would argue Larian should implement a day/night cycle as part of their solution to resting and that this solution should be mindful of the class balance concerns. For me the lack of signs of the passing of time directly detracts from the storyline which dictates there the party is ticking time bombs (twice for Gale).

In games, the passage of time is practically always a conventional thing, not affecting the plot.

This is legendary Baldur's Gate, not just some game. We should expect more, especially given the original title had a day/night mechanic with tangible gameplay effects as well as some time sensitive quests. This is a step down in realism/immersion. Besides the illusion of a thing is oftentimes just as effective as something more tangible.

The lack of visual cues as to time passing has indirectly a profound effect on gameplay even inadvertently. For instance, I played all the way to the druid grove without even a short rest feeling like we were pressed for time and like my real time pretty much corresponded to game/story time. Others rest after each battle, in very close proximity of enemies that should be searching/attacking them, seemingly without issue. This thing needs to be *much* better communicated to the player than it is presently.

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