So the first time I encountered these Gith I talked my way through it. Telling people I had rotten wormy brains didn't strike me as advantageous also Lez is aggressive enough and she likes me. These guys were killing the Flaming Fist for laughs.

Second time I wanted a fight. They were assholes and I wanted to put their dicks in the dirt.. If I remember correctly there are only four of them, and only one is level 5. Do the double attacks hurt? Absolutely. Are they going to drop someone? Almost certainly. It is an imbalanced encounter. . .However, it is also immediately in front of the exit of Act 1. I get why you rushed there, I did the same thing for what I imagine are the same reasons, and like you I also resent being forced to learn through failure and the truth is this is not a fair fight. . .But its also true that not every fight should be fair. Its difficult and frustrating but it isn't impossible. Take it as an opportunity to learn to play more strategically and improve upon your efficacy.

Have fun with it, like this guy:

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