I agree that it should ultimately be up to each player to enjoy the game as they see fit. It’s their $60. If someone wants to rest after every battle, who cares, it’s their dime and their time. So what if it’s not the same as 5E or table top. Lorian has never said the rules will be the same as 5E or table top. The game mechanics are BASED on the 5E ruleset not an exact enforcement of the ruleset.

Anyone who has ever played tabletop should know that D&D rules are a base set of rules for a DM to manipulate and change to provide the best play experience for the players. Restricting the ability for people to play BG3 how they enjoy playing the game just because others don’t think it’s right, is the wrong way to design a role playing game. Freedom of choice to do what you want is what it’s all about.

With that said, if John Doe can’t determine a tactical approach to a battle to provide an edge and make the fight easier, that doesn’t mean they should be punished in their play experience by making it even harder by including random encounters while resting. I don’t know how many times during a session of tabletop that a group of new players charged into a battle they should have avoided. As a DM, should I have killed them or made the experience even harder? It’s all about having fun. Not forcing an experience on someone.

I think if players want to include random encounters into the game while resting or just in general while traveling, that could be an added option in the game that a player could enable at the start of the game, but adding this may allow people to exploit experience gains and offset the expected player level per area. But, if someone wanted to employ that exploit, again it’s their dime and their time