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Insert whiny counter-rant.

Someone like you, who's mostly posted on the forums in favor of hypersexuality wouldn't understand and I'm not even surprised you're the one to make a big deal over me saying 'no thank you' to this request. I don't care if my two sentences have shaken your world view and insulted you. Just like people are free to ask for oversexualizing 3D characters in a lore rich video game can request for it, I'm asking for it to not. I don't like it and I'm damned sick of it. The Githyanki armor is fine and the dress when you choose your 'type' isn't bad either. It's tame. Armor variety is cool too, but making everything for the sake of sex appeal, especially given the lore and context in this story is tiresome and old.

I say oversexualization of women because the original post didn't request for having man-slaves naked in loincloths.

My nationality is none of your business. Just as I don't ask for any of your age, gender and sexuality and decide 'of course you freaks are horny' based on it. I don't care who you are and what you like. I simply find it tasteless when it's nonsensical. Skimpy clothing for 'slaves' or sex workers, should the game have brothels or districts with that sort of content in it, would make sense. People with the purpose of fighting for their lives, dungeon crawling and traveling, dressed in bikini tops and g-strings called 'armor' for no reason other than some people wanting to drool over their virtual wifus and husbandos? Gross. Mods for it? Sure. Not my thing though and I like where BG3 is already going with their design and art decisions.

I am not the one complaining about the existence of content that doesn't appeal to me in a video game, so it's a bit rich to call me the whiny one but okay.
I got 100 posts so far and I dunno how many but maybe 5 posts or so have been related to this in response to others.
And now we somehow escalated it to '' hypersexuality ''...
My '' world-view '' isn't shaken at all, I just hate it when people project their values unto other people and act like it's some objective fact that the world or an industry needs to revolve around.
Your negative views on sexuality and the human body has nothing to do with me and if anything it's you who are freaking out because someone questioned you on the notion that '' oversexualized '' content is a common occurance.

I just find it quite telling that when you think of skimpy clothing your mind jumps to slaves and sex workers.
Let that sink in and think about that for a little.

Also note that I said nothing about bikinis or g-strings and as has been pointed out before the gear in this game is not realistic to begin with.
And DnD quite literally have people fighting on the frontlines in loincloths ( Barbarians ) and the game is full of enemies already that do.
I don't agree with the OP and their examples of what they want to see in the game, and acting as if that's anywhere even remotely close to anything you'll find in Western video games is quite frankly absurd.
I think that anyone who claims that this is some common thing is either lying on purpose to try and make the situation sound '' worse '' or there's some VERY serious confirmation bias at work.

I do however want to see a variety of different options, like maybe not everything needs to be a turtleneck.
That's very different than wanting bikinis.

Edit: Also, I wasn't the one speculating about your nationality.
Quite the opposite.

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