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Objective fact: There are barrels in Divinity 2 and BG 3.

Subjective: It feels like Divinity 3 because of that.

Also subjective: It feels like Shadow of the Tomb Raider 2 because of that.

What a baid faith.

More, the fact that barrels feels like Tomb Raider for you (even it's a fallacious argument here) it doesn't change anything.
The point is it doesn't feel like BG. So who cares if it feels more DoS or TR ? At the end, the fact is (and you confirm it) it doesn't feel BG which is a major issue for a game called "BG3".

More, it's being geniune or pretentious to think that "feelings" are subjectives, they are the results of all the experiences we had and all the efforts the creator put in their work.

Denying the importance of the creator and his will in the feelings his work gives is... impossible to understand for me. hypocrisis ? bad faith ? ingenuity ? absurd ?

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I came looking for a game that could make me feel the same things that the originals did

Since everything is "subjective" for you, you should cross your fingers cause, with your logic, Larian have no power on your feelings.