I'm not sure if I can say I have really abused the rest mechanic too often in my playthroughs. Sure, maybe every now and then, but not a regular thing. Even maining as a wizard, with a level cap of 4 and limited spells, I did not necessarily have to rest after every 2 battles. I did have to march out of Auntie Ethel's lair after defeating her captives and recharge my heals and spells, but that is really the only time I recall actively having to rest for the reason of my spells/abilities. Very occasionally, I would out of combat take a rest after burning enough misty steps or featherfalls used for exploration or puzzles to prep a different spell. I may have rested to recharge a heal so I could use it on the guy in the tunnel under the druid grove.
Not too sure if this had any effect on my feeling of urgency with the tadpole or not. Probably not, but I am also someone who when playing videogames where there is an urgency put in (get to the hospital, escape the burning buidling or ship), realizes that there is usually a checkpoint that triggers something scripted and takes time to enjoy the set pieces.