If he feels "xy" then he feels, we buy games because of how we feel about them. It's probably not a case of fraud.

Turn based for me is when characters take turns and not when certain amounts of actions happen within 6 seconds. BG is more round based than turn based. Ah semantics weird

BG3 is fine right now, it could look and feel better in our heads as we imagine bg1+2 in glorious 3d and call it BG3. And I think that's what we are getting, it's just unrefined now.

I would prefer the "turn based with pause" at the moment but after having played Bard's Tale as well as Pathfinder Kingmaker turn based, I_know_that either system can work. I couldn't see Bard's Tale any other way but I think that Pathfinder Kingmaker isn't meant to be turn based for me.

As it is, the turns take too long. And that's kind of it. Pathfinder Kingmaker's combat takes twice as long turn based as well(with the mod, haven't played it a 3rd time with the native turn based option).

If we had tbwp then BG3 would be too chaotic for most players. So I hope that BG3 fixes turn based and delivers what Baldur's Gate always was, a great series which served as a great entry to both DnD and CRPG.

What's funny is when going to the inventory in BG3 the game doesn't pause, just like in the original grin