Yes, if there are two big paths in the first act - tieflings and goblins, Larian can keep the whole point but add cosmetic changes with the help of druids:

After we dealt with Zevlor, Kahga must give us a quest to resolve the situation with the goblins peacefully or hostilely, depending on our decision.

1.) A party with druids after goblin leaders killing (good way). No difference except that there will be druids at the party, and maybe this will open up a one night romantic option with Kahga. Who will become the leader of the druids depends on our decision, we can fulfill Kahga's secret request to deal with Halsin when we find him, or not. I think female characters will get Khalsin at the celebration party, and one night option with him, they will be pleased.

2.) Druids who performed the ritual and transferred the bodies and loot of tieflings to the goblins and a declaration of their support from Minthara (goblin party, evil way).
And Kahga transfer to Minthara information that the captured bear is Khalsin and must be executed. But in comparison with the classic evil way, this one will be more "kind". Minthara congratulates us on killing tieflings and the leader of the druids, and forcing Kahga to recognize her leadership and authority in the region.

If the Druid Grove is sealed and deprived of tiefling support, the goblins will not be able to attack it, and will probably agree to a compromise. In which Kaga will be a vassal in exchange for saving the grove of sylvanus.

From the point of view of game mechanics, it will be much easier to implement the changes above than to give us a third neutral "Kahga path", in the end we get the same result as now. But it will give us a real choice and the freedom of role-playing, not a dead end