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Seriously... the difficulty settings haven't been implemented yet. They are coming.

Can you explain, in detail, precisely how different difficulty settings in BG 3 will change gameplay?

Of course you can't, because you don't know. I'm pretty sure that not even Larian knows what different difficulty settings will and will not change at this point.

Your position is essentially "stop complaining, I'm sure it will be fixed in the final release", based on absolutely no information and not even any public indication from Larian of the direction they intend to go with the game and difficulty settings. There's no point in us playing EA if we're supposed to shut up about anything we don't like and wait for the full game.

Guys, for those who like the game storywise and lorewise, this post is all about bringing meaningful subjects that will turn the game better as a whole diving deep into the battling system. We are NOT sabotaging the game by saying it would feel more reasonable to have some changes here and there.
Everyone in this community wants the game to succeed. You know why Larian launched both of the DOS with enhanced editions? Because the game wasn’t polished enough in the final release.

I’ll ask again for those who are coming here and distilling poison: have you tried to read the post? Do you understood it? You came here with the intention to know what is being debated here? What is your opinion about the subject? How are your feedbacks contributing to the game besides points bugs?