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I think Kagha killing the child scenario is particularly bad because so much hinges on it. If you are roleplaying a good character and the child dies you really can no longer side with the druids. I killed all the druids for their crime, but that leaves me in a poor position story-wise because I am not going to ally myself with the goblins. Of course I still killed all the goblins to help the teiflings but it made the story weaker because I had no narrative motivation other than helping them.

Killing everyone for the action of a few seems like a pretty evil act to me. there is a path where you can get justice against Kagha and her actions with out killing all the other innocent druids.

Going full murderhobo defenitly is an evil route.

Not working with the druids is fine. Killing them all because 1 did an evil act is so borderline evil it sounds like a parody...