Here is jeremy crawford regarding changing hit points on monsters:

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Those are not the words of someone saying 7, 10, 12, its all the same /shrug. Hes saying if getting your ass beat is fun, go for it. Yes, I know hes referencing damage in that line but his point was that "range" is a slider and the end is considered lethal. Its not a small tweak. People use that number because its what the standard experience is centered around. For all of the math reasons regarding enemy DPR that I explained. Speaking of which, their math is not something I would putting a lot of faith in. Their modifiers and conditions are unreliable and even with that 80% hit (still not 100 and rules apply for not killing) I have had times where there is one person thats 45% and another thats 70% and its the white ring, no explanation on why its different. So, I have no idea how they get these things when youre running at level 4 a +6 to hit on an AC15 and its still telling you you have a 40% chance to hit. Im just not gonna run by their numbers as they defy the numbers on the character sheet v AC. The Novice Crusher is a boss and has 25 hp and 12ac, which is why hes easier to hit, other stats

Sharp-eyes, Three, One - 15 HP, 9 AC

Novice Muzul, Mrak (Shield) - 15 HP, 14 AC

Novice Greez - 12 HP, 8 AC

Lookout Nrog, Trinza (melee) - 16 HP, 12 AC

Lookout Tizg, Fezk (archers) - 13 HP, 9 AC

Novice Skrut (Boss) - 35 HP, 13 AC

Rozzak (Boss) - 24 HP, 16 AC

With a swing from 9-16 that 80 drops to a 60% chance at 15 ac, 55% at 16, etc...Now, to the point of this thread, you start adding in all of the disadvantage stuff and sight line issues and youre seeing that drop into the 30s and 40s. With the same # of enemies thats annoying even without all that bullshit. and the same HP that is annoying without it being pumped up. That is specifically the issue the enemy count + hp + ac + your mods + status + LOS + elevation can take what might be a fairly reasonable encounter otherwise and turn it into a drawn out clusterfuck where you just use cantrips because why bother wasting a spell half the time. Thats the issue. Its not whether or not you can beat goblins, its the gestalt of the factors theyve put into play except in this case, you end up lower than the sum of your parts because of the dampeners and hey while we are at it, make them harder to kill.

What is the problem you are solving? Does your proposed change solve the problem? Is your change feasible? What else will be affected by your change? Will your change impact revenue? Does your change align with the goals and strategies of the organizations (Larian, WotC)?