This topic is hilarious. People please grow a sense of humor, most of this thread is satire and a bit of fun but the "literals" are out in force.

In every fantasy game in the history of gaming there is always sexualised men, men don't care. Power isn't being wrapped in a blanket and thrown in the kitchen between pregnancies. Both men and women like to show off their attributes (if they have them) it is fact. Power is freedom to choose. Don't like it, don't do it.

If you want to run into a crowd of fully armored knights stark bollock naked armed with a tea spoon and an algebra textbook then all power too you. It is roleplay, you maybe totally batshit crazy who cares it is not my thing. Nudity isn't sexual I don't care how puritanical your beliefs, it is the imagination that drives sexuality nothing more.

There is no such paradigm as "oversexualised" how could there be? The eye of the beholder (yes I went there come get me) dictates what you see. If you see something as overly sexualised then it's you making that decision based on personal/religious dogma and is in fact forcing your belief on others not the other way round. I am all about freedom, you do you let me do me and we will get along famously.

Nothing saying you cannot get practical and sexy right? Not all armor is plates of steel or chain links. Some of the rogue like leather armor mods for skyrim are works of art and looked the part better than the real thing, full body coverage and subjectively sexy af. Light and clothing type armors give greater dex bonuses and allow tasks such as spell casting, sneaking etc. These are literally anything from an animal skin to body paint.

I said earlier it is up to the modders and devs at the end of the day. I am sure there will be clothes and armors to suit most people on or soon after official release. Fantasy isn't RL we get enough of the crap please lighten up.