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Mr Sharp,

As you I'm an old school player of PoE.

• PoE does not have an auction house. Players want an auction house. The developers have said, they will never add an auction house. Here is the trade manifesto for example, which illustrates this.
• Players want items to be easier to pick up. They want loot vacuums to suck in items that are around them. This is another example of something which the developers consider a core pillar of Path of Exile and have said would never change.
• Just recently (as of Harvest League) there was a massive outcry about players wanting deterministic crafting. Deterministic crafting goes against the core pillar that powerful items are hard to obtain and as of such, it is not going to happen.

Not altering 3 things (which I'd hate to have them changed the way they are right now because the game is supposed to be hardcore) when they've done hundreds of thousand other ajustments based in a client base is simply the worst argument in the world possible to justify yours concerning BG3.

Those 3 comments you've posted are like asking Pokemon to remove the Pokeballs. Asking Street Fighter to remove Ryu. Asking Dota 2 to be turn based and so on and so forth.

Why the hell is that comparable to ask a DnD5e game based to CARE about spell balance? lol

BG3 would get so much out of POE

Economy to begin with. Law of Scarcity in economics were perfectly implemented in that game. Scarcity is not a BG3 thing frown

Whilst I absolutely agree with you that PoE would be a much worse game to me if it ever did those things, that was not my point. My point was that, the developers for PoE have a vision for what they want the game to look like and they are nearly uncompromising on trying to achieve that and it is that vision which has made the game so successful. I imagine that if they were to try to make BG 3 they would have pillars here which they would be unwilling to compromise on as well, some of which, not everyone would agree on and those people would be voicing their dislike for those pillars very vocally on the forums, just like people are currently voicing their dislike for the lack of easy trade right now.

We do not know if these are changes that Larian are unwilling to compromise on (unfortunately, they are not very forthcoming. A "surfaces manifesto" giving their thoughts on things would be nice), but I expect that just like GGG, they have some "core design pillars" which they are unwilling to compromise on. We should absolutely complain about the stuff we don't like, but don't be too disappointed if something we don't like turns out to be 1 of these pillars. In my opinion, whilst there are some negatives to a game development company being uncompromising on certain design pillars, its the companies that do have these pillars which are ultimately producing the games with the most "soul" for the lack of a better word.

I’d never ask Pokémon to remove pokeballs. It’s just that Larian isn’t saying much about popular threads that are being debated.
GGG pairs with CD as the greatest studios nowadays because they’re simply honest to their concept and pillars. GGG due to their position regarding users feedback and CD due to their disruptive approach. Larian opened their early access to scrutiny. It’s up to them to show how compromised they are with this concept.

Glad to see that we could debate gaming without being aggressive to each other in the end.