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We Demand More Sexy and Revealing armors and clothing

No, we don't.

If you want it, wait for mods.

Well, you don't.
I was going to point this out in regards to the OP too earlier but I forgot.

No one here speaks on behalf of the '' we '', you only speak for yourself ( as does the OP ).
It's something that kinda annoys me a lot, when people say '' we '' when they mean '' me ''.

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... Then give me male armors with chain armor penis-sleeves

Codpieces were a thing. Not a thing I particularly want to see, I admit, but then again I'm not that big on "what we really need for sexy armour is crotchless chainmail leggings" either. Handy for going to the bog, though.

Hey I care deeply about historical accuracy here.
So we should be able to fight naked liked the Gaulish '' Gaesatae '' and Zulus!

I jest, but just some thoughts on armor and the context of '' sexiness ''.

I think that something about armor a lot of people don't seem to realize is just how contextual it was.
An adventurer would never wear plate armor you'd never be able to live walking around in that all day every day.
Knightly medieval warfare was fought under a very particular set of chivalric conduct of war where you just showed up on a field and battled it out in a controlled manner in very specific European climates.
It's not like armor has no drawbacks and unarmored troops have beaten heavily armored armies historically before.

Depending on the context, the Barbarian archetype isn't really that far-fetched.
Historically the ones who won were often the ones who forced the opponent to fight on their terms, which was ultimately why chivalry died in the end.

Armor was always gendered too and technically speaking '' sexy '', the few women who wore it simply wore the same as it was the standard *and* war was considered for men.
Breastplates were shaped as corsets at one point because that was considered manly which could really be regarded as the '' sexy '' of the times.
It's also why the Greeks had so many naked male statues, mens bodies have historically been seen as the peak of beauty.
Compromising '' practicality '' for the sake of making it '' sexy '' in that regard has always been a thing.
I don't think that they quite had the same concept of '' sexy '' that we have today tho lol, but the mindset was very much '' oh yeah those sexy tiny waists and shins, mmmmhhh ''.
The way other men spoke about Henry the 8th's masculinity and body was very erotic xD...

And we actually have a lot of examples both from India and Greece where they depicted breastplates for women with breasts on them.
People tend to kinda assume the absolute most extreme and worst examples when talking about breastplates like those and severely underestimate how resistant properly forged steel was.
But it's fair to assume that if war had been more gender-neutral then the armor would've adapted to it to some extent.

Lae'Zel's breastplate is actually a really great example of that which is why I love it so much.
Because what it tells me is that yes, women in this setting as soldiers are a thing and they're acknowledged as women too and they're not frowned upon because of it.
It actually adds and implies quite a lot about the setting.

But yeah I just find this subject matter interesting.
And I think that people have a tendency to sorta focus too much on it from a modern perspective and sorta miss the actual VERY gendered mindset that went into warfare and armor historically.