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My first playthrough I succeeded on saving the child and the situation mostly diffused. Girl was saved. Parents thanked me. I had a fairly neutral view of Kagha because as far as I knew she was just going to imprison the kid, not kill her.

I failed on my next game though, and that dramatically changed the situation. I got to see Kagha's reaction of initial shock and regret. That crack in her mask of composed malice she tries so hard to maintain, which told me a LOT more about her character than I got on my first playthrough. I saw the other druid fall to his knees in tears and all but beg me to find Halsin, as he's the only way to stop this madness.

I was much more emotionally invested in this druid conflict in my second game than I was in my first. In this instance, for me, failure was the more interesting route.

That said, I do think we should've had the option to make a DEX or STR check to rush in and kill the snake when we saw it poised to attack, then a Medicine check to try and stabilize the girl while one of the druids rush to find an antidote.

Those options could have their own little permeations in the story. Killing Kagha's snake could enrage her and get you banished from the grove until you come back with Halsin while succeeding in the Medicine check might even make Kagha thank you for preventing something terrible she never intended, softening her toward the PC and opening up new options to maybe talk Kagha down from her plans.

This. Very well written.