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I have played D&D since the early 80s, played every version. I always roll HP for monsters. I will bump them up more in game if the party is steam rolling the encounters, and lower them if they are taking too much damage and using too many resources. To tell me that all goblins have 7 hp is laughable. They have a range.

The conversation given above regarding max DAMAGE does not equate to Max Hit points. IF I handed down max damage for every hit that would be really craptastically unfair.

Ive met a lot of people who've "played for 30 years" which usually means you played in middle school a couple times, twice in college, had a 20 year gap and recently decided to start playing again and have been having a hard time keeping a group together. How many games, groups, campaigns, and how many players have passed beyond the screen might be a better way to tack it. 15 enemies on the board that have different Hps for thousands of battles - what exactly is the method there and what on earth is the net benefit of spending that time for every single encounter? If you read what I wrote regarding that photo I mentioned that it was regarding the slider bar and specifically referencing damage as well, so I appreciate your reiterating what I said.

No, you never met me. I played for years straight all through HS (from freshman year to graduation, every weekend). In College we had a regular Sunday game that went on for years, rotating between 4 dms and campaigns it only ended breaking up as we graduated and moved away for work. Short gap when I moved for work but ended up playing regularly at a gaming store for years, and a few long trips to play with the College gang every now and then. etc. I played D&D, Arduin, Gurps, Rollmaster, ShadowRun, Cyberpunk, Runequest, etc.

But hey, great time with you taking that attitude right off!

Damage does not equal HP. Max Damage is a major increase. Max HP is not. You used a post about slider bar for damage and said it was basically the same for hit points. It is not. Even Jeremy Crawford stated in the Dragon Talk that he bumps hp up and down at will depending on what is going on in the game. The hp range is on purpose to allow customization. Quick and easy - use 7 hp, want more challenge up the hp. It is made that way on purpose.