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I have no idea how you create your encounters, or how you play, etc. I know that 90% of the time I build everything custom for my players. I have 3x5 cards for each encounter if there are 5 creatures it has 5 sets of ac/hp/weapons and saves. I do this for several encounters for each session (most do not get used) and if they did not level up I use the rest next time. I have boss monsters detailed out more, etc. Everything is tweaked live as things happen, so say they meet a group of 5 goblins with 2 archers, 2 fighter types and a caster (3x5 card has all that and a rough treasure list). The party kills half right away, IF I wanted a better encounter, I will pull another card and add a few from it saying they were holding back on orders.

If they are too much for some reason, I may have a couple run away to get help, allowing the group to kill the couple left and choose to follow or flee, Or I may drop the hp of a couple of them, etc. There are times when a player rolls well for damage or to hit (say the party is hurting badly and the fighter finally rolls a nat 20. The monster has 5-10 hp more hp than the final damage count ends up, i may still say it died, giving the fighter that awesome moment). But that is all live. It is not hard to have custom encounters, in a live game everything changes on the fly as players move through the world anyway. It just seems highly lazy to say "ALL goblins have 7 hp".

That said, I have zero problem with the HP I have seen so far in this game.

Hakka. Now we know how you build your encounters. Now tell me: you actually read my thread? If yes, why you keep talking about hp?