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Hakka. Now we know how you build your encounters. Now tell me: you actually read my thread? If yes, why you keep talking about hp?

I was responding to the first post on page 4 by Orbax stating that a picture he posted was in regards to hitpoints for creatures by Jeremy Crawford. It was not. It was about changing damage to max damage. He stated that doing that was punishing for players, etc.

Orbax then stated "Those are not the words of someone saying 7, 10, 12, its all the same /shrug. Hes saying if getting your ass beat is fun, go for it." which again, is NOT what that post said. In the actual Dragon Talks episode JC stated that they gave the HP Range for a reason, to play with as you wanted in the game. AND That he does so on the fly depending on how he wants the encounter to go. He had zero issues with hp, it was in regards to max damage output by monsters that he said it was punishing. (BUT again, go for it if you are DM).

For your first post laying out your position, your first item was increased HP and Lowered AC. IMO Increased HP is not an issue here as it is a range not a set number in the rules on purpose (there sometimes does seem to be several bosses, but on the whole it was reasonable to me). Decreased AC does not impact me as I just hit more often.

I can not find a rule stating advantage is given for elevational purposes. THE rules are purposely vague on when to give Advantage or disadvantage. So, while I think it sucks 90% of the time, It is in their right to do so as DM. I will learn to work within that ruling. Now the way advantage/disadvantage works in BG3 is kind of wonkey to me, but I can live with it.

Surfaces are over powered. I hope they get toned down, I do like to exploit them at times to set traps, etc. but they are way to common. I would gladly loose that exploit for removal all together. Again, it is their game, and they can do it if they want, it just irritates me a lot. I would prefer the cantrips, etc. work like the rules, but it is their world and the way they are currently working does not break anything horribly for me yet. Acid pools should go away at the very least after a round or so. Yes I know water will wash them away, but they should go away anyways. Every freaking goblin has acid arrows. There is some guy in this area who made mad bank selling all the acid arrows. Barrelmancy should not be a thing.

Again, I do not rest all the time, I do not cast spells and then just rest and recharge, I conserve, use terrain, etc. as best I can and adapt to the rules I am given.

Well, the only part we disagree is that we were given a chance to test the game and contribute to its development. You say you don’t cast too much because it feels natural not to cast and just cast cantrips. I used the very same strategy and I couldn’t notice why. Until I’ve done some theory crafting regarding the hit chances and I found the flaw. That’s why this post was created.

Also, I don’t have that vision of “Larian is making a favor to develop this game”. That’s capitalism baby. Profit is the target. That’s not how things work in RL. It don’t have to be like this in gaming industry.

If the players behave as customers as they should we would have better games in the world.

Nevertheless I really appreciate that even disagreeing with me you at least capture the essence of the post.

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