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I also experienced lol from double standards - when Kagha kills a tiefling child it's ok, no censorship, and when we go to kill tieflings and their children, their children run around with 0 hp and spoil the immersion.
Oh, well, you can still kill goblin children, that's ok and tiefling children aren't ok

I’m not asking for the ability to kill children in the game (I’m not interested), but I don’t like the fact that the game looks bugged due to double censorship standards. I don't care about the tieflings and their children, if they can't be killed, let them all run away from the Druid Grove to be eaten by wolves, so they find a new home or something like that. Or let it be just bags of loot instead of their bodies when I deal fatal damage to them, but not this bug

was off screen though wasnt it ?