The data points you keep bringing up are great. The best/worst thing is that this is all compiled in a database on Larian's end and they would be able to give these exact stats. So the question is how to make that data relevant. What do we want to do with those numbers. As you bring up there is too much "stuff" and the management of it is tedious (admittedly we don't' have to pick it all up, but those are all interaction points and decisions, and often ignored items because of the tedium).

The value is somewhat relevant, because you want the players to be able to earn money. There are no repeatable fetch quests to do, so the only way to make money is to sell to vendors and/or to steal (beyond the occasional looted currency).

Vendor finances refresh and are an infinite supply of gold, while items in the game are finite, realistically the best way to make money is to pickpocket it and ignore the tedium....this is actually a problem because the items left in the world for us to interact with are in essence pointless.

Better reason/interaction with the world items and inventory management is needed.

More variable vendor wants may be good. Say, potion vendors will pay more for herbs versus a weapon/armor vendor. This could cause bad quality of life though because it forces players to jump from vendor to vendor when they just want to unload items.

Or maybe it is fine, and having a world with that much stuff allows players to do new and different things every time.

No real right answers, just thoughts.


One bonus thought is that you just helped create a "right" way to play by listing out all the items such as spells. If, for example, a mage wanted to get every spell in the game, but there are some scrolls missing from the world....that would let them know what spells to pick to learn versus which ones they can just transcribe later.

I noticed "jump" is not listed in there, so now I know to learn jump as I level and just loot the magic missile scroll and transcribe it when I get it to fill out my spellbook.

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