Since there seem to be quite a few worthwhile minds in this thread, I have a question. Since there is not an overall difficulty slider to 5e as there will be in BG3, how would you suggest making encounters easier and harder? I realize there are CR’s associated with monsters, but I do not think rescripting and swapping out enemies for every single fight is something that is likely to happen and would honestly be like playing 4(or however many difficulties there will be) completely separate games instead of just more difficult.

Obviously limiting rests will be an easy one, but assuming we’re playing normal mode, most encounters can currently be solo’d with very little rests anyways. Would it just be a static advantage to all dice rolls for easy and a static disadvantage for hard+?

I feel like we’re complaining about something that is artificially put there to make the game easier at normal and not a glaring oversight by Larian.