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As impressive as this unsettling feat of OCD is, most people aren't going to spend hours on end just dedicated to combing through every possible thing and for the sake of being able to make a post like this.

That's rather irrelevant.
I don't think the point is if people are going to replicate the OP's exploits, as much as the fact that probably the devs should put at least some thought, if not even some effort ideally, into making inventory management less busywork.
The bgas can quicly reach "endgame" levels of cluttering before we are even entering Act 2. if that isn't alarming in terms of what i suggests for the pace of the future hours, I don't know what is it.

Feel free to also address the rest of my comment where I mentioned the fact that the average person won't touch 20% of this stuff in any given playthrough.

I guess I just don't understand the purpose of the post outside of being informative to let people know that they can make a ton of money and get a lot of resources if they scour everything.
I don't know why the less than 1% of players who would go to these lengths should be penalized for investing this much time into busywork, nor do I think that things need to be toned down because most people won't do this.
As Larian likely isn't going to start gutting all of the objects in the world because they're worried that people who are invested enough will be rewarded for it, the question attached to the post is confusing.

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.