It's an analysis of the game content and if it is superfluous or adds benefit. Is there too much clutter and it could be streamlined, or does the variety add context and immersion. Are the spread of items balanced or create a "meta" as I mentioned with the scrolls causing a more efficient way to level up by selecting spells not found in the world.

Not directly obvious by just listing items, but analysis of how/why/where these things are is always interesting. I think it is good to understand the game to the finest details, especially in EA for feedback. I have a feeling a lot of items are just placed just to place them to fill out the world as anyone who has built maps/rooms for a game before. Little things add a polishing touch. Normally they are just for decoration, but now these are interactables and also have "value". These objects were probably picked from an entity list and just placed, but not always considering how they impact the game as whole.

Good chance to identify issues here.