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Nah - 4 is perfect, 6 would change the entire nature of the game....this Just works so well ..

No, it isn't.
No, it wouldn't.
And no, currently it really doesn't.

Just being bold in stating bullshit doesn't turn it into a proper argument.

Play nice - Im not stating bullshit im stating what I believe & 4 is perfect as far as im concerned - i dont believe a 6 member party is needed & yes it would change the game - you'd steamroll the content unless there were major overhauls to all the encounters - wouldn't that be the case ?
If its so easy & costs virtually nothing to implement then im sure Larian would have considered it already & be champing at the bit to tell all you 6 man party people that it's in the pipeline - in which case great ! just as long as I can play with 4 & it isn't out of balance for my game.

Im not a 5E expert but many things ive seen & read suggest 5E is based around a 4 man party - is that not the case ??

Im not against 6 people in a party & alot of people appear to want that - for me personally im happy with 4 it works really well - you wont change my view on that, but I hope you get what you want as this game needs to appeal to as wide an audience as it can - get massive sales & be hugely successful so we get more DLC & more D&D CRPG's.