I had kind of a funny bug, not sure if it is replicable, but I will post it here in case it is. I was sneaking around, doing some rogue stuff, trying to pickpocket the tiefling overlooking the githyanki squad, and she caught me because I stepped right in front of her in the process. She became hostile, so I attacked her and shoved her into the githyanki, and it briefly played that cutscene of the dragon flying away that happens after you finish speaking with the kithrak. But the bridge had never been exploded. So I used the Vanish in Shadows skill from my hood, and snuck around to have a look, and the Flaming Fist were all gone, there was a whole bridge, and it skipped the whole conversation Lae'zel has with them, I was also able to easily get a surprise attack and kill the gith as a result.