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"Your honour! Yes, I did kill the two children, but in my defence, I was drunk!"

Try with: "your honour I was held captive with no food or drink, stoned, watched as they hacked my companion to pieces to roast on a spit, while they planned to feed me to dogs."

I for one think that's a pretty legit excuse to kill anything on your way out while escaping, but that's just me, you obviously don't hold grudges - very christian of you.

Not only am I not a Christian (or even live in a Christian country) confusing morality with Christianity is more than a little offensive.

For the record I am deeply agnostic and while I do have certain respect of religion per se I profoundly despise it's institutionalization and anti-democratic dogmas. "Turn the other cheek" is just a moral construct rooted in my particular culture that applied to this specific situation and was in no way meant to be offensive to anyone's beliefs.

Now that we've cleared that up, how come someone so deeply amoral as Halsin (according to you) still suggested to only kill the leaders, hopefully disbanding the horde after everything he's been through and not burning the place to the ground?

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