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Doesn't have to please any "majority" or minority in a way that creates a less fun game. All that matters is creating an experience based on mechanics that leads to fun for everyone. In this case, related to resting, this can be done through a more or less complex difficulty setting: from no restrictions (as they are now) to a more complex fatigue & camping BG2 style, or just some limits set, if it's too much work to add all that BG2 system.

The key is to make all these optional.
We can advocate for what we feel as fun, but these kind of games also need to please as many newcomers to genre as possible, in order to make them a financial success and allow more games to follow.
Options. That's all about the difficulty side.

But the camp is far more than a difficulty slider... Should be. Larian, don't forget about the "magic" that can be created in there. Add some minor interactions to camp: allow to cook, make a tea, share a song, something to happen. Or just to stare the fire and share the moments.

These camping moments are more than just some boring difficulty balancing options: they can be great fun. Watching that cheap camp fire cut scene in BG1 gives so much satisfaction. Nothing complicated, and still means a lot. These parts add to the soul of a game, the feeling that remains long after we finished playing. They create unforgettable memories. These games are not about the fights alone, nor the characters we meet, or the story we live through: but all small details that just complement each other. They are key ingredients, otherwise the food feels tasteless. Make us want more of it, and wish to return forever. Make us feel good, and we will never forget Baldur's Gate 3.

The idea that a game should be as easy as humanly possible because otherwise some people will feel "frustrated" about it seems rather flawed to me. At the same time people will feel frustrated and bored when a game does nothing to challenge them. Difficulty system will probably ber implemented but the idea that somehow limiting rest spam should be reserved for higher levels of difficulty seems ridicolous. Let the "rest whenever you want" option for the easiest setting, normal needs to offer at least some challenge.