As I already touched the issue in this thread I also made a much more robust numerical analysis of BG3 vs RAW DnD combat (AC/HP/Advantages) in separate thread. I demonstrated that Larian changes regarding AC, HP and abundant advantages works all together and are really helping to made martial combat less flustrating while keeping average length of combat same as RAW DnD. Knowing that those changes have big and bad side-effects I tried to suggest some alternative solutions which could solve the problem of bad feeling from missing while also beeing as close as possible to RAW DnD to not disrupt the whole rule ecosystem.

So far the best solution appears to be combination of do not interper all misses as misses and simultaneous enemy AI. If you thinkd about it, the biggest frustration comes from sequence of events: complete miss -> long wait -> complete miss -> long wait -> .... That's why I believe by eliminating long waits and complete misses we eliminate the bad feeling also.

By the way with standard HP lots of spell (e.g. Sleep) become usefull again and helps speed-up the fight.