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The idea that a game should be as easy as humanly possible because otherwise some people will feel "frustrated" about it seems rather flawed to me. At the same time people will feel frustrated and bored when a game does nothing to challenge them. Difficulty system will probably ber implemented but the idea that somehow limiting rest spam should be reserved for higher levels of difficulty seems ridicolous. Let the "rest whenever you want" option for the easiest setting, normal needs to offer at least some challenge.

The game doesn't have to be easy or challenging, but adjustable by the players, so can be both. No more frustration then related to difficulty.

Everyone likes a different level of challenge, and if it's too easy or too hard compared to that subjective expectation, then the game becomes less fun to play. We are very different. I can't even decide for myself, what level of challenge I want; depends on my mood when starting a playthrough. Usually need mods in most games to adjust difficulty properly, which is fine, since mods can do far more than just that.
We just need the base game to provide a good enough foundation for mods, but the more adjustable it is the default difficulty settings, the better.