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When you put difficulty modes into a game you start by the "normal" one. That's the benchmark for the others. So I ask you: in your opinion how should rest work in BG3 normal mode?

I don't mind if they name it "normal" and adjust it based on their testing and feedback. Default difficulty still needs a detailed description to help picking, because not many will bother searching elsewhere and no matter how will be set, will still feel too difficult for some and too easy for others, as usual, nothing new there

What I would like to see beyond the usual Easy, Normal and Hard (maybe Very Hard) is something similar to what even BG 1 had back then; which is specific and detailed extra option to further customize the given difficulty setting. Doesn't have to be exact copy paste of those options, but being able to have -25% incoming damage for your party or have double hit points for example, while leaving AI unchanged, it is a better "easy" mode, instead making AI more passive on easy. Similar for harder.

Of course "Normal" should be challenging enough while still doable, so there is a reason for adding Easy and Easiest, with extra custom options defining what exactly will those mean, same for Harder. It's quite difficult to set in stone something like "after how many fights should resting at camp be allowed" because that depends how every fight went; but adding a limited resource that is needed in order to camp, tied into the difficulty setting, makes sense, on Normal and above at least, otherwise feels quite easy for an experienced player.