I didn't read six pages of this thread, so somebody else might have already said everything I'm gonna say. If so, I'm sorry.

A big part of the problem with the resting mechanics as they currently stand, for me, is that narrative is tied to resting. There are tons of scenes and dialogues that happen if you rest all the time, and you can completely miss out on them if you rest sparingly. This is . . . frankly unforgivable to me. (I mean, not literally, I won't boycott the game over it, but I will be unhappy with it forever.)

My only other point is that they should probably largely tie resting availability to the difficulty level chosen. They can have Games Journalist Mode, where you can rest every 2 seconds, and every time you rest the clouds break and rain diamonds down on your camp, and a portal to the Plane of Naughty Nymphs opens up next to your campfire. And on the other hand, they can have Big Britches Mode, where you need to spend limited resources to rest, and you have to physically walk back to a waypoint, and monsters can attack you in your camp, and enemies get stronger if you waste too much time, and a portal to the Plane of Sentient Septic Tanks opens up next to your campfire. And some ones in between. Wouldn't that be a good way to please (mostly) everyone?

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