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I appreciate the defense, but to be fair I did bring up HP spells in a (small) part of my post:
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Saving Throw Spells/ HP spells: less proportional damage (nerf) and no effect from height/lowered AC= 1 net nerf.

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HP based spells have been indirectly boosted, now they have a fixed value, you can easily increase this value to the maximum possible cast (which will be a huge buff)

From what I can remember, Larian mentioned that the current difficulty level is closer to hard than normal.
At higher difficulty levels, mobs will likely have more HP.

This is true, HP spells (different than Saving Throw Spells) now do have a fixed value. And I believe that the value chosen for Sleep (28HP) is actually above it's expected value when rolling (5d8=22.5)? But it is still a nerf.
Advantage basically increases your chances to hit by ~50(?)% (chances of rolling a 10 or higher go from 55% to 80%). Thus, an equivalent increase in sleep would be 22.5HP->33.75HP, more than what is given.
Also, goblin HPs are generally increased by ~50% or more. (7 HP goblins to 12HP is a 70% increase). Again, this overwhelms the slight increase in Sleep's HP

I would use different argument to the hp matter
Weapon damage & spell damage are not rescaled. Therefore the damage output scaling is DnD raw
Caster gains spells upcast and martialists gains extra attacks. So far so good

In an environment where the dm increase hp, caster gets a minor debuff because the spell slots are limited (unreliable).

Again, I know that’s a debuff but it’s minor compared to the AC problem.
Sacred flame is a perfect example of how this homebrew damage them (even though it’s a cantrip). Under normal DnD5e the standard attack & sacred flame will have a minor difference in the hit rate. Now it’s abissal.

I can survive with hp slightly boosted. I’ll manage to survive. On the other hand that 3 rules combines works like an atomic bomb in the game.

I simply love bards (college of lore) - that’s an S tier class because of the versatility. Now:

Save scum makes the social interaction of the bard (which is the greatest strength) less effective.
Bards debuffs & buffs are less effective (fairie Fire, hypnotic pattern etc)
Inspiration dices are bad as well due to the advantage spree

So this S tier class is under the d-c tier

Sad but true