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I think the game needs the following to make items feel valuable.

• Merchants only trade in goods they are interested in. The food vendor does not by weapons, the weapons vendor does not buy oil barrels, etc. That, or if they do buy it, they buy it at a significantly reduced rate.
• Reduce the value of many items within the game.
• Vendor gold is not replenished on rest. Either tie replenishing gold to quest progression, or some other metric.
• Vendors have 1 or 2 "high value" items, which are incredibly strong relative to the power of the campaign (so say a +2 item in the terms of this campaign), which sells for a large percentage of the gold you could possibly acquire (say 20-40% for a single item).
• Vendors do not store their entire stock on their person. It could be contained within a chest somewhere and the chest should be something you can lockpick, but it should be difficult to steal their high value items.

These measures would go a long way to making items in Faerun feel more valuable.

All of those would result in people hoarding loot because they've nowhere to sell it off.

High value items would be nice, and I'd prefer if you can't just pickpocket all the nice items. Hell, I tried pickpocketing Crushers ring and it wasn't on him so idk.

I had trouble with gold in this game, unable to buy +1 items due to lack of cash. I don't hoard stuff to sell because of weight. Making it more difficult for players like me because of metagaming hoarders and compulsive looters is a terrible idea.

I am neither a metagaming hoarder or a compulsive looter. In fact, you could say I am the exact opposite. When I stop to loot, I look at an item, divide its value by its weight and if the resulting number is below a certain threshold I do not pick up the item at all. This is a rule I have used for a long time, in any game that has an encumbrance mechanic, so that I would minimize the number of return trips I needed to make to a shop while maximizing the amount of currency I would get out of each return trip. I still finished the EA with ~10,000 gold and felt like everything within the EA had no value. If I wanted to buy something, I simply bought it, at no point did I look at a vendor's inventory, see an item and go "wow, if only I had enough gold to afford that," then feel the need to save up gold to come back and buy it later.

The point being, I want items to have value. If everything within the game is relatively affordable, then the value of items is more or less nothing. There were lots of old games that got this right. BG 1 and 2 got this right (although ToB did not). Dragon Age Origins got this right. Even action RPGs like Nox got this right. More modern games though? For some reason, they just don't get it right and items became worthless.

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