@Sludge Khalid
Then perhaps I misunderstood the post I quoted you from. It seemed you were suggesting that even with with rest spam, martial classes were still doing better than casters. That's what I was disagreeing with. Ideally, yes there should be an economy where you have to decide do I use my spell slot now or save it for the next battle. Now if you're making the argument that if Larian did change the resting to be closer to 5e standards, that martials would maintain their "buff" from lower AC while casters would eventually lose it, resulting in maritals being more valued in the long run. There would be a case for debate there and it would depend on how often we would get to rest and the difficulty of encounters in that version of the game.

Yeah I went with +5 because that's what three-quarters cover uses and I'd imagined pretty rare. Like attacking from the beams in the goblin castle or from bridge over the gith patrol. I'm not hard set on it.

Yeah I had already figured hide and other actions would go back to being actions and hide would just be a bonus action for rogues. I think it would suit them and tie in well with sneak attack. The target wouldn't be aware of you, so they wouldn't be able to guard against it just like they wouldn't be able to guard against attacks from two directions like with flanking

Wait why it would be either/or now? Shouldn't we want both? Taking away the advantage sources brings the martial buff from 1 to net 0 and increasing the saving throw spells hit chance brings their nerf from -1 to net 0