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There are several huge issues with the resting system as it is currently:

- Short rests are obsolete since you can long rest almost anywhere, at any time
- You have full HP and full Spell slots at any point in the game, making characters with spells slots much stronger than they should be, but making Warlocks weaker since having full spell slots after every encounter isn't anything special.
- The camp has many important story interactions (dream scenes for example) which only happen at camp. Currently the player does not know when any of these important events happen, so players are encounraged to camp "just to find out if anything happens".
- Because the player is always at full HP and full spell slots, you start piling up tons of scrolls, special arrows, healing potions, throwables.
- Food in particular, along with Short rests should be used to recover HP inbetween fights. There is such an overabundance of food and healing potions that you can just eat a pig head several turns in a row and heal 50% of your HP as Gale, making potions obsolete as long as you have food during combat. You should only be able to drink potions during combat, not eat food.

But the biggest reason:
The game is way to easy. Once you get accustomed to the environment, make sure to use sneak and high ground for advantage aswell as preparing yourself via the turn-based mode with cantrips like blade ward, most encounters are not very challenging. But they should be considering you always have full HP and full spell slots.

I fully agree with all of this.