Currently, casters do not have any serious problems due to the lack of any rest limits.
The system must be relatively simple so that it is understandable to players. Balancing a long rest will be the most difficult thing.
The problem is that the current system is not very flexible. Most interactions with companions (and some important story events) are based on rests.
Even if we remove this problem somehow, the question remains how to limit it.
Time limits will not pass in such a game (Unless you want to upset a lot of players).
Limited places where you can rest also don't matter as long as fast travel exists.
Items that restrict rest? If they are unlimited with sellers they are also pointless by the fast travel. However, if they are limited, it can lead to the player jamming without the possibility of further progress (which they will not do at 99%). If the price of these items is small, they are pointless. When it is large, it can again block the player.
Food? Only in EA I found so much food that it should be enough for half the game. It is the same with gold.
Maybe a cooldown? There is no daily system in the game (and it will not be).
The cooldown itself encourages the player to minimize the game, especially if it is short. A long cooldown can make the player wait due to lack of any resources.
This is probably why the system now works as it does.

Fixing a backstab is fairly easy.
The main culprit here is the jump, without being able to easily get behind the enemy the system would be much fairer.
If disengage were reintroduced (even as a bonus action) and it would be much more balanced.
In addition, the advantage should apply only when one of the allies is next to the target.
Combining both of these changes would make gaining an advantage much more difficult and would require efficient positioning.

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