It's ok that Larian TRY new things.

But in this case I really want them to revert almost all of their changes back or at least closer to 5e.

I would keep toned down versions of surfaces where they would be far less abundant and mostly reserved for higher level spells. I would keep dipping but make it require oils and other consumables that make sense in lighting up a sword. I would send all the barrels right back to Divinity but maybe add some gunpowder kegs that would be very rare and have appropriate weight. I would remove the healing properties from food entirely. I would tone down Shove, Jump and Disengage to how they are in 5e because that's simply much more balanced. I would nerf high ground from "I win" to something more reasonable. I would keep the class restrictions on spell casting and scroll use. I would make equipping items a part of the action economy so you can't always end your turn with a shield.

What sucks is that they're not communicating. Even just hearing "we are trying something new but are fully aware it might not work" would be great. "Don't worry, we just haven't had time to put that in yet" would be even better. Because otherwise I'm assuming "this is how Divinity plays and now it will be how D&D plays".

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