I'll play too!

I am a proud SHIELD DWARF, and a member of the CLERIC class. My god is HELM, deity of watchers and protectors. I bear a MACE and a SHIELD, as are common for my profession. I travel through the wilds of the SWORD COAST REGION of the WESTERN HEARTLANDS of the continent of FAERUN, on the planet of TORIL. I am on my way to the city of BALDUR'S GATE. By my side are a PRIESTESS OF SHAR, evil goddess of darkness and night; and a HUMAN WIZARD, practitioner of ARCANE MAGIC; as well as an ELVEN THIEF, who can OPEN LOCKS and DISARM TRAPS among other skulduggerous skills. Recently we have done battle with OGRES, PHASE SPIDERS, ETTERCAPS, GNOLLS, SKELETONS, WORGS, HOBGOBLINS, and other dangerous creatures, using our steel and our spellcraft. Our hearts are heavy, as we have heard dark tidings about the god BHAAL, Lord of Murder.

My ABILITIES are measured in STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, CONSTITUTION, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, and CHARISMA. My vitality is measured in HIT POINTS, and my defense in ARMOR CLASS. When perilous effects threaten me, I make a SAVING THROW to avoid them. I grow stronger in power by gaining EXPERIENCE POINTS, allowing me to increase in LEVEL. In addition to my weapon, I use my DIVINE MAGIC to cast SPELLS such as BLESS, COMMAND, CURE LIGHT WOUNDS, PROTECTION FROM EVIL, AID, and HOLD PERSON, among others. I PREPARE these spells ahead of time, and can only use a few PER DAY. I regain them by RESTING.

The rules which govern my reality are called DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, and the name given to the universe I inhabit is FORGOTTEN REALMS.

Which game am I playing? Baldur's Gate, or Baldur's Gate 3?

Trick question. It's both.